Real Estate Selection Process Review

We go to great lengths to find our franchisees their ideal location to house their Click IT store.

After we do a search based on the territory selected, we provide the franchisee with a list of spaces in that area that meet our criteria. (See How We Help You Find Your Ideal Click IT Store Location.)

From this research, you will select your top 10 properties from the list, and then travel to look at each one of these locations from your car. (Note: You should never contact a broker or speak to anyone about what you are doing at this stage.)

The gradual process of elimination will make apparent which are the best locations, as we continue down this process, and as we continue to study the demographic makeup of each location. The goal is to narrow the selection down to three to five before we arrange for you to visit the sites, and see the interiors.

You can easily see what a Landlord is asking for in the total revenue value “cumulatively” and compare it to what we will propose in our scenarios to offer cumulatively at the end of year 5. The Landlord's decision-based models are explicitly clear: Return on Capital invested in “Time and Yield“ and return of a percentage of the cash invested.

*Financial Offers:  Know your competition and know your customer, before you send your front-line soldier to war.

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